We bring so much
to the table

More than services, this is how we deliver you value every day:

  • All distribution agreements negotiated and monitored for compliance Broadline, protein, produce, dairy, etc.
  • National Supplier Pricing Agreements Food, non-food, paper, packaging, etc.
  • All service agreements negotiated and monitored for compliance Linen, pest, grease, waste, etc.
  • National Beverage Contracting
  • Transparent RFP Processes
  • Price Monitoring/Reconciliation Quarterly, bi-annual and/or annual
  • Agnostic GPO partnerships
  • 100% of cost savings are a straight passthrough No holdbacks, brokerage, earned income
  • A modest fee-based Supply Chain Management partnership
  • Your realized returns > cost of our business relationship within 12 months or we’ll refund you the difference

The Summit Supply Chain Promise

We seek to exceed your expectations at every turn. Should we fall short in any way, we’ll refund the balance of our monthly retainer upon completion of our written agreement with no questions or excuses. Our greatest value is in providing value to you.